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Bistrot Baguette - Boulangerie Paris Montmartre Boulangerie Paris Montmartre - Couronne de Pain
Logo Bistrot Baguette - Boulangerie Paris Montmartre
Logo Bistrot Baguette - Boulangerie Paris Montmartre

Paris Montmartre Bakery

Restoring the prestige of craftsmanship

The Bistrot Baguette bakery, nestled in the heart of Paris Montmartre, embodies the spirit of sharing. By combining artisanal know-how and quality ingredients, our bakery offers a unique experience where a passion for baking meets Parisian conviviality. Come taste our gourmet delights and succumb to our baking and pastry classes in this historic Parisian district.

Our vision of the bakery

Based on the concepts of sharing and transmission, Bistrot Baguette is part of the movement of bakeries that focus on quality with the rigor of well-done artisanal work.

The Bistrot

A unique recipe with a manufacturing method based on long fermentation, it has been thoughtfully developed to produce a baguette that is fresh, crispy, and above all, flavorful.

We shape all our breads by hand on-site, which makes our bistrot baguette perfectly irregular.

Our mission is to elevate this product that transcends generations and that made its entry onto the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2022.

Our Products

We make the products we love to consume.
In addition to traditional French bakery products, our range is inspired by global products discovered over two decades of expatriation.

Work Method

Restoring the importance of time and the touch of dough to the heart of our profession.
Slow fermentation manufacturing methods to develop lasting flavors. 
The main ingredient is time, accompanied by coherent flour, water, a pinch of salt to enhance the taste, and leaven for development.

Our sourdough starter was initiated with wine from the Clos Montmartre vineyard.

The Sourdough Starter

The sourdough starter is our key ingredient, we work it hard, liquid, with milk and/or flavored, adapted to each product for a more pronounced taste, better preservation, and a finer crispness. We started the Bistrot Baguette sourdough with wine from Clos Montmartre, graciously offered by the brotherhood-commandery of Clos Montmartre. A sourdough born in Montmartre for Montmartre products.

Freshness of Products Made
100% Homemade

Brioche by the Meter

The meter-long brioche from Bistrot Baguette is an artisanal brioche made with fresh ingredients, slowly and carefully kneaded to give it a soft and airy texture. It consists of a dough made from flour, sugar, butter, eggs, yeast, and salt. We make our brioche with a milk-based sourdough starter. The dough is then rolled into a long cylinder and baked. This is a must-have product of our bakery located in Paris Montmartre!

Live Station

The work is done in front of you, live in the store. Events are scheduled throughout the year to prepare the freshest products for you. Additionally, we invite Chefs to conduct masterclasses for us.

The Classes

Sharing also happens with hands in the flour. Bistrot Baguette is committed to continuing to export this know-how, but this time from France by offering various types of classes. These culinary workshops are conducted weekly in several languages (even in Norman).

Master Baker
in the heart of Paris Montmartre

Our Team

Our goal is to transmit and perpetuate French gastronomic values. This is also reflected in the ambition to work with cultures from all backgrounds, led by its manager who holds an advanced master’s certificate in bakery and has nearly 20 years of expatriation experience on all continents, highlighting the French bakery heritage.
Bistrot Baguette - L'équipe

Contact Us

Logo Bistrot Baguette - Boulangerie Paris Montmartre

Notre boulangerie

Bistrot Baguette
22 rue Caulaincourt 75018 Paris

+33 (0)1 00 00 00 00

Nos horaires

Tous les jours (sauf le mercredi)
7h00 – 20h00
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