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Our Story

Built on the principles of sharing and transmission, Bistrot Baguette aligns itself with the tradition of bakeries that prioritize quality through the meticulousness of well-crafted artisanal work.


Paris Montmartre Bakery

The Story of Bistrot Baguette

Bistrot Baguette is the culmination of a career marked by rich experiences on an international scale, where Sylvain Coulon-Gavalda had the privilege of collaborating with individuals and entities unwavering in their demand for the quality of French bakery products. It is these experiences, which took him to all corners of the world—even to Antarctica—that infused Bistrot Baguette with a multicultural and diverse wellspring of inspiration.


At the heart of Bistrot Baguette lies Sylvain’s desire to combine the creation of quality products on-site with a space imbued with warmth and conviviality, conducive to meetings, sharing, and relaxation. Hence, it was crucial to incorporate a production workshop in the store visible to customers, allowing them to feel fully involved in the manufacturing process.


Logo Bistrot Baguette - Boulangerie Paris Montmartre

Fresh products made right in front of you,
committed and local flours.

Our Bakery

Located in the heart of Montmartre, Bistrot Baguette embodies the spirit of French bakery, complemented by a warm and authentic bistro atmosphere. The bakery offers quality products made on-site with fresh ingredients, along with a welcoming and friendly space to enjoy these delights on the spot. Moreover, the store provides a unique experience by allowing customers to observe the production process live, and it also organizes workshops for initiation into bakery and pastry products.

Sylvain Coulon-Gavalda

Holder of an Advanced Master’s Degree in Bakery, Sylvain Coulon-Gavalda has worked in over eight countries over the past 18 years, navigating from the heat of Equatorial Guinea to beneath the austral auroras of the frigid Antarctic sky. His journey has also taken him into the world of luxury hotels in Dubai and immersed him in the art of French artisanal baking in the upscale neighborhoods of New York. From these rich and diverse experiences, he has primarily gained the pride of exporting a unique French know-how that he has enjoyed transmitting and elevating.

Fueled by these experiences and with the desire to return to the heart of French gastronomy, Sylvain Coulon-Gavalda conceived Bistrot Baguette. At the center of his concerns persists the intention to transmit the art of bakery and pastry, this time in his home country, France, infusing it with a touch of multicultural inspiration acquired through his travels and collaborations with chefs from various backgrounds.

Our Team

Hailing from diverse backgrounds, the team at Bistrot Baguette reflects Sylvain’s cosmopolitan journey—committed, enthusiastic, and passionate about new experiences. We welcome you every day and can communicate together in over 6 languages.