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The Bistrot Baguette

Baguette de pain

Enjoy our Bistrot Baguette!

Among all the French expertise, whether in fashion, aviation, or gastronomy, the baguette remains the most widespread symbol of France in the world. Magnificent in its elegant simplicity, this charming lady has many secrets to reveal, not only her origin but also her journey, now on the list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage. We could not neglect or trivialize her. So, with the team, we pondered how to bring her the greatness she deserves. While her external appearance is not yet final, her recipe is ready. First, she needed carefully selected flour, then a ferment other than the yeast used by most bakers. We opted for a liquid sourdough started with the gentle aromas of Clos-Montmartre (wine from the Montmartre vineyard) to provide lactic fermentation and make her crispy, flavorful, while improving her shelf life. Her fermentation time is extended to the maximum so that the Bistrot Baguette can develop all the flavors that another baguette wouldn’t have time to develop. A recipe is just a recipe, but we also selected a dough working method that does her justice. We favor bulk fermentation, which is the first fermentation of the dough in its total mass to, once again, enhance the taste. In reality, we only divide the baguette dough at the very end, to shape it by hand. Yes, we shape all our baguettes by hand because it’s with the hands that you can appreciate the strength and texture of the dough and correct it on a rainy day, for example. We shape them in front of you at the live station because it’s a magical moment when the dough transforms into a baguette.